Teams and organizations

How do I create a team on the HIGH5 platform?

Whether you're leading a team or simply want to strengthen connections with colleagues, this guide will walk you through the process of creating your own team on the HIGH5 platform.

How do I add or remove people from my team on the platform?


I have received a code to unlock the reports for my team. How do I use it?

Discover how to use codes for your report on our platform and access valuable insights about your strengths.

How do I unlock the team report for my team?


What’s inside the Team Report?

Considering to purchase a team report but don't know what you will get, let us break it down for you in this article.

Can I see a sample of a Team Report?

Explore this article for insights into what awaits you!

How do I unlock individual reports for my team members?


What is the difference between “Admin” and “Manager” roles on the platform?


Is there a limit on the size of the group?


I want to add people to another team. Will they need to retake the test?


Who will see the results of the team assessment?


How can I download the team report?

Discover the simple steps to download your results in this quick guide!

My team members took the test, but they didn’t show up in the group. Why?


Can I use this assessment to screen candidates?


What is the “Reflections” tab?


My team already took the test. How do I add them to the team?


What are weekly coaching insights?


Can I get assistance from HIGH5 to interpret our group report?


My code for unlocking the team report does not work. What’s wrong?


Will the team members be notified to take the test if I add them to the group?


Why did no one in my team receive an invite to join the group?


Can I buy multiple reports in one go?


Do I need to pay an additional fee for my colleague to be added to two different groups?


How many admins can a team have on HIGH5?


Can I hide the access to the team report from team members?


Which instructions should I give to my team when taking the test as a team?


Who can join my group on HIGH5?


How long does it take for test results to be visible to the team admin?


How long does it take for the team report to be generated?


How can I view the test results of my team members?


Can team members opt out or delete their data from the team report?


Who in a team can view individual test results?


Do I need to redo my assessment to be added to the team report?


I click on the link in the group invitation email, but it does not work. How to fix it?


How to remind my team to complete the test?


How can I compare individual results within a team?


How can I make sure my team is consistent with their reflections?


What are the ways I can make the best of the team report as a manager?


Is there a dedicated report for the team manager?


How to navigate to a team report from a personal dashboard?