I have received a code to unlock the reports for my team. How do I use it?

The unique code that you receive after pre-purchasing your report needs to be applied at the checkout on the HIGH5 platform. Here are some quick steps on how to do it:

Step 1: Log into your account

You can access your test results at any time after completing the assessment. You can log into your account here - by using the same credentials you used when taking the test. If you have not taken the test yet, you will need to do it here

Step 2: Head to the "People and Groups" section of your dashboard 

Navigate to the "People and Groups" section of your dashboard to access all the groups you are part of. 

Step 3: Choose the team you have pre-purchased reports for

If you have not created the team yet, you can find the tutorial on how to create your first team here

Step 4: Head to the "Members" section of a chosen team 

Step 5: Choose the teammates you would like to unlock a report for

To unlock a report for a specific teammate, select their name by checking the box located to the left of their name. You can also select as many people as you wish at the same time.

Step 6: Click on the "Actions" button

At the top of the member list find and click on the "Actions" button to reveal a dropdown menu with various action options.

Step 7: Choose the report you have pre-purchased

Select the required report from the dropdown menu; opting for the team report in this case.

Step 8: Choose the purchase plan you have paid for

Depending on your purchase, choose whether you would like to unlock a team report alone or the Full Platform Access. 

Step 9: Apply the code and confirm 

Once you are set on what you need to purchase proceed with the checkout. Apply the code in the designated area and the checkout price will sum up to 0. Your report will be unlocked the second the "purchase" is confirmed. 

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