What is the “Reflections” tab?

The "Reflections" tab creates a structured monthly reflection process designed to empower your team to bring their strengths into action. It's a dynamic tool crafted to enhance collaboration, boost morale, and drive meaningful results. 

Here is what your team can get if you practice this tool every month: 

1. Team Effectiveness Graph

These ratings, self-assessed by team members on a scale of 1 to 10, provide insights into team performance over time. For example, low ratings (3 or lower) signal potential issues like communication breakdowns or resource shortages, signaling necessary improvements. On the contrary, high ratings (8 or higher) indicate strong teamwork and effective goal achievement, offering opportunities for continued growth and success. 

2. Soaring together report

The SOAR model, an acronym for Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Results, offers teams a strategic framework that accentuates their positive attributes. Unlike traditional approaches like SWOT analysis, which inspects weaknesses and threats, SOAR prioritizes leveraging strengths for future advancement. To implement SOAR effectively, teams begin by identifying their collective strengths and exploring growth opportunities. By setting ambitious aspirations and tangible goals, teams foster collaboration to enact and monitor their SOAR-based strategies.

3. Team Actions Report 

The Start-Stop-Continue framework presents a structured methodology for teams to evaluate and refine their strategies, fostering alignment, continuous improvement, adaptability, and informed decision-making. This approach emphasizes collaboration, accountability, and purposeful action, culminating in enhanced team performance and goal attainment.

4. Individual Commitments Board

This section outlines individual actions that team members commit to take in support of collective aspirations and objectives. These individual commitments are crucial in building team success as they foster accountability, ownership, and alignment with overarching goals. By setting clear, measurable commitments, team members increase the likelihood of achieving shared objectives.

5. Spotted Strengths Board

This section identifies and acknowledges strengths within the team. Team members are encouraged to share stories that highlight specific strengths observed in their peers. By selecting a particular strength and providing a concrete example of when a team member demonstrated it effectively, this practice supports a culture of appreciation among team members. Recognizing individual strengths in this manner encourages continued utilization of unique strengths, leading to productivity. 

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