How do I create a team on the HIGH5 platform?

1. Log in to your HIGH5 account

You can log into your account here - by using the same credentials you used when taking the test. If you have not taken he test before, you would need to take it here

2. Navigate to the "People & Groups" tab from your dashboard

From your personal dashboard navigate to the "People and Groups" tab where you will be able to access your previously created groups or create new ones. 

3. Press on "Add Group" button 

To create a new group simply press on the "Add group" button in the section called "Groups". 

4. Name and add a new group 

Don't forget to give your team a relevant name before adding it to your group list!

5. Add your first members

Once the group is created make sure to add more people to it to be able to access the team report. 

NOTE: The analytics starts working with at least 3 people in the group. 

6. Unlock their team reports

To access the analytics and insights for your team on the HIGH5 platform, you'll need to unlock team reports for at least three members.

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