How do I unlock the team report for my team?

After creating your team and inviting members, the next exciting phase is unlocking the team report for a deeper dive into your team's dynamics.  In this guide, we'll walk you through the simple steps to unlock the team report. Should you encounter any challenges in the group creation process, feel free to click here for a relevant article. 

1. Head to the "Members" section of a chosen team 

To start, navigate to the "Members" section of the team you wish to modify.

2. Choose the teammates you need to purchase a report for

To purchase a report for a specific teammate, select their name by checking the box located to the left of their name. If you want 10 people to be included in the team report, you would need to get team reports for each of them. 

3. Click on the "Actions" button

At the top of the member list find and click on the "Actions" button to reveal a dropdown menu with various action options.

4. Choose the needed report

Select the required report from the dropdown menu; opting for the team report in this case.

5. Choose your purchase plan 

Depending on your need choose whether you would like to unlock a team report only or the Full Platform Access allowing your colleagues to use all the benefits of the HIGH5 Platform. 

Please note that the team report does not include the individual report and the individual report does not include the individual report for every team member. If you wish your team members to have their in-depth individual reports, you would need to purchase them in addition to the team report. 

6. Proceed with payment

Once you are set on what you need to purchase proceed with the checkout. You can use a credit card or PayPal to make the payment. Your report will be unlocked the second the payment is complete. 

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