I have received a code to unlock my personal report. How do I use it?

The unique code that you receive after pre-purchasing your report needs to be applied at the checkout on the HIGH5 platform. Here are some quick steps on how to do it:

Step 1: Log into your account

You can access your test results at any time after completing the assessment. You can log into your account here - by using the same credentials you used when taking the test.

Step 2: Head to your full profile 

On your dashboard, please click either on the ‘Your Full Profile’ tab or on the ‘To your full report’ button to get to your Full Strengths Report. There is no difference in what you decide to click on – both clicks will get you to the same page.

Step 3: Unlock your full report 

On the Full Report page, please click on the ‘Unlock’ button within the green box to open an upgrade modal window.

Step 4: Choose your purchase plan 

Depending on the code you prepaid for, choose the corresponding product. Note that if the code was prepaid to get a personal report, it will work only for the product it was prepaid for and will not be applicable for other products such as the full platform access and vice versa. 

Step 5: Apply the code at the checkout 

Apply your code at checkout to reduce the total price to zero, then proceed to confirm your "payment". Upon completion, your Full Profile will be immediately unlocked, allowing you to dive into detailed insights about your strengths. 

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