Is it possible to overdevelop or overuse a strength?

It is indeed possible to overdevelop or overuse a strength, and this phenomenon is something that individuals should be mindful of as they navigate their personal and professional lives. While strengths are inherently positive attributes that contribute to our success and well-being, excessive reliance on a particular strength can sometimes lead to suboptimal consequences.

Moreover, overusing a strength can also lead to burnout or exhaustion, particularly if individuals consistently push themselves beyond their limits in pursuit of excellence. For instance, someone with "Deliverer" strength may find themselves constantly taking on additional responsibilities or working long hours, neglecting their well-being and risking eventual fatigue or disillusionment.

Fortunately, the HIGH5 assessment provides valuable insights into these potential pitfalls or shadow sides of each strength through the "Watchouts" section of the individual report (click here if you are curious how to unlock it). By highlighting potential blind spots associated with each strength, the assessment empowers users to recognize when they may be over-relying on a particular attribute and take steps to mitigate these risks.

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