What’s inside the full personal report?

1. All your 20 strengths revealed 

The Free HIGH5 Test familiarises you with your top 5 strengths that are in the "Focus" group. Strengths in this group are your most powerful strengths — your HIGH5. Science shows that they are your greatest chance of succeeding in your professional life and being happy in your personal life. 

With the full-strength report, you will also get to learn about your strengths in the group "Leverage" (strengths that you might not use daily, but that can be easily leveraged when needed), "Navigate" (patterns that might not come so naturally to you, therefore, to stop them from hindering your potential, you might want to learn how to navigate them) and "Delegate" (your least powerful strengths, and the least likely to bring you outstanding results. Therefore, these are traits you would be better off looking for in a partner or teammate).  

2. Insights on the Strengths Families you belong to 

In our methodology, strengths are categorized into four main families: "Doing," "Thinking," "Motivating," and "Feeling." Your Full Report provides insights into which strengths family predominantly characterizes you. This knowledge serves as a tool for self-reflection, helping you understand how to navigate various situations based on your dominant strengths family.

2. Insights on how to use your top 5 strengths more effectively

Our Full Personal Report offers insights and strategies for leveraging strengths in personal and professional contexts, providing actionable recommendations for enhancing performance, relationships, and overall well-being. Being aware of these insights empowers individuals to capitalize on their strengths intentionally, rather than relying solely on innate abilities. Moreover, this awareness fosters a growth mindset, encouraging continuous learning and development as individuals strive to refine their strengths and adapt them to evolving circumstances.

3. Insights on the potential "Watch out" areas of your strengths 

While understanding and leveraging strengths is crucial for personal and professional growth, it's equally important to be aware of potential pitfalls or "watch out" areas associated with them. These areas typically involve over-relying on strengths to the point of neglecting other important aspects or becoming blind to potential weaknesses. Recognizing these watch-out areas is vital because it helps individuals maintain balance and perspective when growing in their strengths. 

4. Insights on the dynamics of your signature strengths

Strengths dynamics insight emphasizes that no two individuals with similar strengths behave identically in a given scenario. HIGH5 recognizes that each person's unique combination of their top 5 strengths shapes their approach to various situations. For instance, while one individual labeled a "winner" may exhibit assertiveness and decisiveness, another "winner" might demonstrate empathy and collaboration. Our methodology acknowledges the nuanced interplay between strengths and how they influence behaviors, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of individuals' strengths dynamics.

5. Insights on "Best Partners" 

The Best Partners insight in the HIGH5 Full Profile provides valuable insights about the potential for perfect synergy when individuals with complementary strengths collaborate. It highlights how leveraging specific strengths in tandem can lead to optimal outcomes. This insight underscores the importance of recognizing and harnessing the strengths in your surroundings, fostering an environment where individual strengths are recognized and appreciated. 

6. Insights on career applications

The Career Applications insight serves as a guiding compass for individuals at various career stages. For those uncertain about their career path, it offers clarity on specific vocations or industries that align with your strengths. Thanks to this insight individuals can make informed decisions about their professional journey, ensuring they embark on a path that resonates with their strengths. As for those already established in their careers, this insight serves as a point for reflection and growth. It hints at areas where further development or refinement may be beneficial, guiding individuals toward continued success and comprehensive development.

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