What should I do with strengths that are not in my top 5?

When exploring strengths beyond your top 5, it's essential to understand their significance in your overall profile. Strengths categorized under "Leverage," "Navigate," and "Delegate" in your report hold particular importance.

Strengths categorized as "Leverage" are those that complement and enhance your top 5 strengths. Consider how you can leverage these strengths to further amplify your top strengths and achieve even greater success.

Strengths categorized as "Navigate" are those that you might want to learn to navigate situations requiring these capabilities by leveraging your top 10 strengths.

Strengths categorized as "Delegate" are those that you may not rely on as heavily but can delegate to others who excel in those areas. Recognizing these strengths allows you to build a more balanced and effective team by delegating tasks appropriately.

Incorporating these additional strengths into your self-awareness and decision-making processes can lead to more holistic personal and professional development.

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