Which reports are available on the HIGH5 platform?

1. Full Strengths Report (29 USD per person/report)

The Full Strengths Report delves deep into your top 5 strengths, allowing you access to all sections of the report such as Brief Definition, Full Definition, How to Use More Effectively, Watch Outs, Strengths Dynamics, Best Partners, and Career Applications. Guiding you to grasp what sets you apart and how to harness your innate abilities to achieve your fullest potential, enhance your strengths, and cultivate synergistic partnerships.

2. Working Together Report (19 USD/per person/report)

Experience the power of the HIGH5 Working Together Report (aka One-on-One Strengths Report) as it analyzes the synergy between your strengths and a colleague's, friend's, and partner's. It offers valuable insights to facilitate the discovery of each other's strengths and offers actionable guidance on fostering a robust, collaborative, and positive relationship by leveraging each other's strengths effectively.

3. Group Fit Report (19 USD per person/report)

HIGH5 Group Fit Report empowers you to plan scenarios for forming new teams and assesses the impact of adding members to existing ones. Pinpoint and address any gaps in team strengths, ensuring alignment with your team's objectives when bringing on new members.

4. Team Report (19 USD per person/report)

The HIGH5 Team Report provides a comprehensive overview of the team's strengths, fostering a culture where members celebrate their differences and capitalize on each other's unique abilities. By doing so, both the team and the manager enhance collaboration and mitigate conflicts, ultimately driving success.

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