How much do the HIGH5 reports cost?

HIGH5 offers a range of reports tailored to meet various needs and preferences. Here is an overview of the pricing for our reports:

  1. Initial Test: The initial test is free of charge, allowing users to discover their top 5 strengths and gain insights into the brief descriptions at no cost.
  2. Full Strength Report: The Full Strength Report, which provides a comprehensive analysis of an individual's strengths, is priced at 29 USD.
  3. Team Report: The Team Report, designed to enhance team dynamics and collaboration, is priced at 19 USD per person per report. It provides an overview of the collective strengths of a team and helps the team work better together.
  4. Working Together Reports: Working Together Reports, which focus on the strengths dynamics between two individuals, are priced at 19 USD per person report. These reports offer valuable insights into how individuals can leverage each other's strengths to work more effectively together.
  5. Group Fit Report: The Group Fit Report, which assesses the compatibility of individuals within a group, is priced at 19 USD per person report. It helps identifying and maximizing the unique contribution of every team member to a specific team.
  6. Full Platform Access: For users seeking comprehensive access to all features and reports, Full Platform Access is available at 96 USD per user per year.

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