Which HIGH5 reports will be useful for coaching sessions?

The usefulness of HIGH5 reports in coaching sessions depends on the nature of the coaching session, whether it's one-on-one coaching or group coaching. Here are the reports that coaches may find valuable for each type of coaching session:

One-on-One Coaching:

For one-on-one coaching sessions, the Full Strength Profile is often the primary report used. This comprehensive report provides detailed insights into an individual's strengths, including the line up of all their 20 strengths, unique strengths combination, and personalized recommendations for leveraging their top 5 strengths effectively.

Additionally, some coaches may choose to incorporate the Working Together report into their one-on-one coaching sessions. This report offers a comprehensive analysis of how two individuals' strengths complement each other, highlighting areas for potential collaboration, growth, and conflict resolution. Using this report can deepen the coach-client relationship and contribute to improved interpersonal dynamics.

Group Coaching:

In group coaching sessions, particularly for teams, the Team Strengths Report is typically the starting point. This report provides an overview of the collective strengths of the team, highlighting areas of strength concentration and how the team strengths profile is shaped. Coaches can use this information to facilitate discussions around team dynamics, collaboration, and goal-setting.

Additionally, coaches may dive deeper into individual reports upon request from team members.

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