Is it really free?

The assessment to identify your top 5 strengths is indeed free of charge. Our competitors charge at least 20 USD for you to get what we give at no cost. The reason we decided to give it away is because HIGH5 is an impact-first income-second company. We believe that such self-awareness tools as our assessment should be accessible to any person in the world. In fact, the main result of the HIGH5 test is used by hundreds of thousands of people to develop their personal development plans, get the job of their dreams, improve their relationships, start their own business, etc.

To keep the company sustainable, we offer a Full Strengths Report if you want to tap into the knowledge of our coaching experts, who compiled them based on best practices from thousands of coaching hours. Getting this report or other HIGH5 services is completely optional, but it will help us move forward toward our mission.

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Is it possible to do the HIGH5 test without an email address?
Is the assessment timed?