What is the “Peer Review” and how does it work?

While internal assessments provide useful insights into our strengths, the external perception of them can be equally significant. This external perspective offers a broader, more holistic understanding of our strengths, allowing us to gain valuable insights into how others perceive our abilities and contributions. By incorporating peer feedback into your self-assessment process, you can enrich your understanding of yourself, identify blind spots, and uncover new opportunities for growth and development. 

Here are some quick steps to request a peer review from your friends:

1. Log into your account

You can log into your account here - by using the same credentials you used when taking the test.

2. Head over to the Peer Feedback section of your dashboard

Navigate to the Peer Feedback section effortlessly directly from your dashboard by either selecting the "Peer Feedback" page or clicking on the "Ask for Feedback" button.

3. Ask for feedback from your friends and colleagues 

Add a person who you would like to provide you with anonymous feedback on what they think your strengths are and how you use them on a daily basis.

4. Send them the request via email 

Simply input the email address(es) of those you'd like feedback from and hit send. Once invited, they'll receive a link to evaluate your strengths. Your "Peer Feedback" page will be updated as soon as responses come in.

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